About Us

URJA is a great platform for budding healers and masters who can learn and practice with us.URJA welcomes u with open arms in the world  of spirituality.
pooja chopra is a Tarot reader,spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker. she conducts motivational courses through public seminars.pooja chopra started URJA integrated healing and teaching consultations in 2005 to help people experience physical healinG, emotional releaseS and spiritual consciousness.She blessed by divine light.
She is the limelight for all her remarkable predictions.She has been changing a lot of peoples destiny with the powerful study of Numerology. pooja has penned articles and columns for various newspapers and magazines.
For the past 12 yrs  pooja has been advising numerous famous well known personalities, builders, politicians and industrialists along with large no of ordinary people.
Pooja is a founder of Power vaastu. Power vaastu is based on her extensive research on vaastu shastra and spirtual conciousness. As we know our body is balanced with seven chakra it is also known as the power house of our body.Imbalance chakras can cause harm our body and mental balance.She has the powerful technique and method to balance negative energies by rectifying and redefining chakras.
She is a good vaastu consultant, her specialty is the use of color therapy,crystal therapy,pyra therapy,metals and other natural therapies to rectify and remedy the vaastu defects present in the interiors.These kind of rectifications do not need any kind of demolitions to the existing structure.pooja has the expertise of understanding the influential balance of the five elements of nature.She uses her knowledge to maximize the effect of these natural energies.


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